by COLLECTIVE 1050 Grados

MATERIAL: Clay, glazed in various colours
SIZE: approx. H: 4,5 x D: 6 cm // approx. H: 1.77 x D: 2.36 in


These beautiful Mezaleros are with their shallow, open form the traditional cups to drink the legendary Mezcal. They are made by artisans in the state of Oaxaca, which is the stronghold for clay and ceramic tradition in Mexico. The designers are a remarkable collective that has been working with more than 20 villages in Oaxaca to save their ceramic tradition for the past 15 years. Oaxaca has a very rich pottery tradition. Nearly each village has different a ceramic specialty in its traditional production, and there are various types of clay, like yellow, red and famously the black clay. This richness finds its expression in particular forms, glazings and typologies within the ceramic pieces and objects. The design collective has worked with those villages and has saved around 14 villages by now from their extinction in regards of their ceramic production. They have published a fantastic publication about Oaxacan pottery (span: Alfarería) filled with their research and stories, called “Fire And Clay” (original: “Barro y Fuego - El arte de la Alfarería en Oaxaca, by Eric Mindling) (see image below) in 2015.