Publication Design In Mexico 2000-2018

Publication Design In Mexico 2000-2018, co-curated by Uzyel Karp and Ricardo Lozano and presented by Centro University at the launch of 'Mexico Design Time' in London, curated by Marion Friedmann.

Architecture publications by Arquine

Architecture publications by Arquine




presented by CENTRO university, curated by Uzyel Karp and Ricardo Lozano


The show originally shown in Mexico City in 2017 with 600 books, reflects on the relational dynamics generated by the craft of making books. It visualises the rhythms articulated by the designer around contents, formats, and materials. It presents a great diversity of ways to approach, settle, and bring to life a printed book. The content of the exhibition started from an invitation made to designers and publishers valuing design, to select their most representative and relevant body of work. This set of books tells the editorial history of the beginning of the XXI Century in México. The thorough participation (more than 800 books were delivered!), and therefore the richness of the books’ catalogue, is not trivial. It denotes the collective desires of a guild to integrate a show that accounts for our way to do what we do, and how from different generations, we have transformed ourselves together through this editorial course. In London in 2018 we displayed a selection of 200 books from the original exhibition in Mexico and complimented them also with some important mexican architecture and design magazines. The concept by the two curators Karp and Lozano includes that every book has a label attached with details about the editorial: information about the authors, editors, graphic design, publishers, and design facts and figures like size, number of pages, print-run, editions, fonts, paper type, printing and binding and the ISBN code.


The book exhibitions in Mexico and London have been presented and made possible thanks to CENTRO university, Mexico City. A big Thank You also to publishers ARQUINE and TRAVESIAS MEDIA for their generous support with book publications.





CENTRO university is an institution for higher education specialsied in design, architecture, film, media and communication. As the name implies, CENTRO channels science, technology and business across all aspects of creativity. Apart from being an institution that trains future creative leaders, CENTRO serves as a platform to carry out research and to undertake and discuss ideas about creativity. It promotes design by organising exhibitions, conferences,  workshops and collaborative projects developed with the private sector as well as cultural institutions. CENTRO has a particular emphasis on an international outreach and perspective.



Arquine, founded in 1997, is a project dedicated to the dissemination of architectural culture, a publishing house and a platform for generating content through its books and magazines, social networks, radio, competitions, conferences and festivals. Arquine published its first book in 2000 and today has more than 160 titles in its portfolio.



Travesías Media is a boutique media company, experts in content creation and editorial design with more than 17 years’ experience producing books, magazines, digital content, video and experiences. Travesías Media has three platforms of its own: Travesías, Gatopardo and Local. Club Travesías is a travel club that offers exclusive experiences to its members. e_spacio Travesías is a book and design store, located in their offices in Mexico City.