Sculpture White Marble and Chrysocoll in direct carving, by Julio Martinez Barnetche




MATERIAL: White Marble and Chrysocoll in direct carving
SIZE: W: 40.6 x H: 28 x D: 20cm // W: 15.98 x H: 11.02 X D: 7.87 in

Unique Piece

White carved marble sculpture with attached green Chrysocoll. The craftsmanship of the carving is remarkable. The sculpture originates from the series "Colors" / "Colores" by the sculptor and designer Julio Martínez, where he works with the combination of two different stones in two different colors. His inspiration for this oeuvre came from stones he had seen when he was a child in Brazil, like quartz and agate. The second inspiration came from the imaginary ship designs by Francis Crick. He was also intrigued by the idea of combining colors in a single carved sculpture, a privilege quasi reserved for the two dimensions in art.
Martínez Barnetche is a prolific Mexican designer and sculptor of precious and semi-precious stones, wood and metals, working between sculpture, furniture and objects. His work has an overwhelming strength and is developed with a masterly approach to the use of materials and techniques. He often takes his raw materials as he encounters them naturally and works with what he has in place, leaving space for the existing, especially in the case of stones and wood.