Bench with Feet

Bench with Feet, archaic bench, salvaged tropical wood, volcanic stone by Julio Martinez Barnetche



by Julio Martinez Barnetche, Mexio, 2014

MATERIALS: Mexican Alder wood (Ailite) and volcanic stone (recinto). Direct carving (wood and stone)
SIZE: L 210 x W 67 x H 46 cm // L 82.68 x W 26.38 x H 18.11 in

Sculptural bench, from a small furniture series by the artist called Shi Ho. A beautiful piece of salvaged Ailite wood (mexican alder wood) showing the design of time, with its naturally engraved pattern. Martinez is a prolific sculptor of precious and semi-precious stones, woods and metals, working between sculpture, furniture and objects. The piece is from a furniture series created in 2014. Shi Ho is a word from the Mazateco language, from the area of Oaxaca, meaning a 'union'. The bench gets into a union through 2 feet with a roughly carved piece of volcanic stone. The artist often takes his materials as he encounters them naturally and does not intervene too much, especially in the case of stones and wood. He never cuts a tree, he finds the wood in nature, in the garden of friends or at architectural salvage sites.