Gallery page for artist Martacarmela Sotelo, Mexico City. Architect, designer, working in jewellery and wearable art. 


My passion for all art and design disciplines is in wearable art. For me, a jewellery piece is an invitation for reflexion. I like when my pieces activate the memories of the users, personal as well as collectively and when the pieces can tell a story.
— Martacarmela Sotelo, 2018


Martacarmela Sotelo is architect, artist and designer, dedicated to jewellery design. She is living and working in Mexico City. Sotelo studied architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico city and continued with an MA in Fine Arts at London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She was part of the incubator studio program sponsored by the Arts Council of England. Back in Mexico she was awarded with the “Jovenes Creadores” scholarship by FONCA. She was selected for “Artemergente”, National Biennale in Monterrey, Mexico. Later on she was selected for an art residency in La Curtiduria in Oaxaca. In 2009 she began working and developing her “wearable art” project. Made out of different materials and forms assembled in non-conventional ways the jewellery she crafts as well as the art pieces are unique. Her pieces have been featured around the World: in the MoMA Store in New York within the ‘Destination Mexico’ platform, at the AGO Museum in Toronto, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, at Bettina Flament Gallery in Lille, at Marion Friedmann Gallery in London, at Galeria Mexicana de Diseño in Mexico City, at the 4th IEEB International experimental printmaking Biennale in Rumania, at “Think Again: New Latin American Jewellery” at the MAD museum in New York, at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Seattle. She participated in the “Urdimbres Itinerantes” National textile Biennial in Mexico, the “Botánica” exhibition at Medellín Ciento Setenta y Cuatro gallery and at the Hernandez museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From 2012-2015 she was director in Mexico for the Otro-Diseño Foundation for Cultural Cooperation and Development, a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands. She has also collaborated as a freelance designer for the famous Mexican silver brand TANE. In 2009 she began working and developing her "wearable art" project. Made out of different materials and forms assembled in non-conventional ways the jewellery she crafts as well as the art pieces are unique. Sotelo develops her work out of a strong concept and idea, with a narrative and story. They are conceptual works, where the wearer is invited to interact and think.


MIRRORGEMS, brooches, 2018

Blackened silver (lost wax casting), mirror-like elements of discarded phone screens, inox steel.

People used to think to find answers of the past and future peeking through mirrors. A tradition also found with the Aztecs, where they used black Obisidan stone. We spend more and more time staring at the phone screen. Our phones have become very precious. We look for photos, maps, directions, recipes, memories, appointments, weather forecasts, news, traffic and even love. These mirror screens have become part of our lives. I want to show these old screens as something precious, gem-like, contained in organic structural shapes of silver.
— Martacarmela Sotelo, 2018


2018-ongoing    MA Business, Innovation and Creativity, CENTRO, Mexico city

2001-02 MA Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK

2000-01 BTEC, Chelsea Collage of Art, London, UK

1992-96 BA in Architecture, University Iberoamericana, Mexico City, México

Her contemporary jewellery work has been showcased in different museums and Galleries in Mexico and around the world. In México at the Franz Mayer Museum, Rufino Tamayo Museum, National Museum of Popular Arts, CONARTE Museum, Amparo Museum, Palace of Iturbide Museum, Arocena Museum and different art Galleries. In the USA at the MAD (Museum of art & Design) in NY, Bellevue Arts Museum in Seattle, Houston Centre for the Contemporary Art, Indiana University in Kokomo among others. Around the world in the Beaux Arts Museum in Talinn, Estonia, Hernandez Museum and Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires Argentina. Marion Friedmann Gallery in London, UK, Bettina Flament Gallery in L’Ille in France and recently in A/dornment Gallery in Venice. She has participated in Design Week NY, London and México and LOOT 2014 in the Museum of Art and Design in NY. She was awarded the design award “Quórum” in 2012 and shortlisted for the National Silver prize “Hugo Salinas Price” and “La Colecta” in Mexico.


Solo Exhibitions

2006, con-tacto, La Caja Gallery, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

2005, con-tacto a la memoria, ICBC, Tijuana, Baja California, México 

2005, con-tacto a la memoria, Laboratory of Contemporary Art Gallery, Mexico

2001, Maca’s New Work, Art Gecko Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA

Group Exhibitions

2019, Corn Rituals, El Hueso, Guadalajara, México

2019, Re-Constructions, Centro in Zona MACO, México city, México

2018, Visión y tradición, Anthropology Museum, México city, México

2018, Inédito, Rufino Tamayo Museum, México city, México

2018, Tincallab Challenge, Tincallab Challenge, Oporto, Portugal

2018, Mexico Dsign Time, Marion Friedman Gallery, London, UK

2018, Yo vivo y trabajo en CDMX, portraits in Chapultepec Fence, México city, México

2018, Vecinos, Bienal latinoamericana de Joyeria Contempotánea, Museo Hernandez Buenos Aires, Argentina

2018, Huella, Museo Juan del Corral, Sta Fe de Antioquía, Colombia

2018, Vitraria Galleri, Venecia, Italia

2018, Wearable Art, El Hueso, Guadalajara Jalisco

2018, La Frontera, Museum of Art and Design MAD, NY, EUA

2017, About Volumes, Vitraria Gallery, Venice, Italy

2017, Reflexiones, Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Franz Mayer Museum, México city, México

2017, Inédito, Rufino Tamayo Museum, México city, México

2017, Flos-Insectum, Zona Maco, México city, México

2017, About Volumes, A/dornment Gallery, Venice, Italy

2017, Lo inesperado de lo Cotidiano, Minería Museum, Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico

2016, Inédito, Design Week México, Tamayo Museum, México city, Mexico

2016, La colecta, La Miscelánea Art Gallery, Puebla, Mexico

2016, Lo inesperado de lo Cotidiano, Clock Tower, Mexico city, México

2016, Manifiesto Colectivo, Industrial de Arte Gallery, México city, México

2016, Union for Studio Roca, Zona MACO, México

2015, National Silver price, Museum of Folk Art, México city, Mexico

2015, Lo inesperado de lo Cotidiano, Valapraiso, Chile

2015, Una palada de ayuda, auction for the CMIC, México

2015, Vision y Tradición, Design Week México, Clock Tower, Mexico city, México

2015, Mexico Creative Territory, Wanted Design, Design Week NY, USA

2014, Think Twice New Latin American jewellery, Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico

2014, Amuletos Joya viva, Popular Cultures Museum, Mexico city, México

2014, LOOT at the MAD, Museum of Art and Design NY, USA

2014, La Frontera, Indiana University, Kokomo, USA

2014, Amuletos Joya viva, Cultural Center Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

2014, 70 years of TANE, Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico city, México

2014, La Frontera, Houston Center for the contemporary Art, Houston, USA

2014, Artificios Plata y Diseño en México 1880-2012, CASA, Oaxaca, México

2014, Think Twice: New Latin American Jewlery, Arocena Museum, Coahuila, Mx

2013, Think Twice: New Latin American Jewlery, Fine Arts Museum, Tallin, Estonia

2013, Artificios Plata y Diseño en México 1880-2012, Amparo Museum, Puebla, Mx

2013, Casa Gutierrez Najera, Zona Maco, Mexican Contemporary Art Fair, México

2013,Think Twice: New Latin American Jewlery, CONARTE, Monterrey, NL, México

2013, La Frontera, Franz Mayer Museum, México

2013, La Frontera, Velvet Da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco, Ca, USA

2013, Made in Mexico, Rufino Tamayo Museum, Mexico city, México

2013, Parallel, Galería Mexicana de Diseño, Mexico city, México

2012, Artificios Plata y Diseño en México 1880-2012, Iturbide Palace, Mexico

2012, Recollections, Marion Friedmann Gallery, Old Sorting Office, London, UK

2012, Premios Quorum, Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico city, México

2011, Think Twice: New Latin American Jewellery, BAM, Seattle, USA

2011, International Textile Biennale in jewellery, UNAM, Mexico City, México

2011, Botanics, Medellín 174 Gallery, Mexico City, México

2011, Botanics, Hernandez Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010, International Experimental Printmaking, IEEB4, Bucharest, Rumania

2010, Think Again: New Latin American Jewellery, NY, USA

2010, 20/20, Mexican Galery of Design”, Mexico City, México

2009, Printmaking as a contemporary art practice, TAGA, Oaxaca, Mexico

2009, Object-Art, Emilia Cohen Gallery, Mexico city, México

2009, Non Toxic, nave de Generadores, Monterrey, México

2008, Multiple, Multiple Contemporary art Gallery, Mexico City, México

2007, Segundo Informe, Castañeda 44, Mexico City, México

2007, Creation in Movement, Francisco Cossio Museum, San Luis Potosí, México 2006, Rhizome, ICBC, Tijuana, México

2006, Ejemplares, National Museum of Print, México city, México

2006, Artemergente National Biennale of art, CONARTE, Nuevo León, México

2005,  International Art in Charlotte, Levine Museum of the New South, NC, USA

2005, Rhizome, Leopoldo Flores Museum, Toluca, México

2004, Mexican Artists, Gina Dalma Gallery, North Caroline, USA 

2004, Two Forces, Keller Festival, Petaluma, USA

2003, Unframed, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK

2002, Ford Exhibition, Oxford House, London

2002, Cinco, London Business School, London

Curatorial experience

2019, Corn Rituals (contemporary jewellery exhibition), co-curation with Ines de la Garza, El Hueso, Guadalajara, México

2017, Reflexions: Collection of rare and antique books formthe Franz Mayer Museum, (contemporary jewellery exhibition), co-curation with Lorena Lazard, Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City

Grants, Awards and Residences
2018, Vision & Tradition,  Design Week, William Spratling Ranch in Taxco Mexico

2017, Design Mexico,  shortlisted, Frans Mayer Museum, Mexico

2016, La colecta, 3rd place La, México

2015, Vision & Tradition, Design Week, state of Chiapas

2015, Honorary Mention National Silver Award, Hugo Salinas Price, México

2012, QUORUM, Quorum national design prize, Mexico

2009, Printmaking as a contemporary art practice Art residency, La Curtiduría, Oaxaca, México

2006-07, Jovenes Creadores, FONCA grant, Mexico city, Mexico

2002-03, Incubator studio program “Space”, Arts council of England, European Regional Development Fund and the London Development Agency; London, UK

2002, New British Talent, finalist, The Observer Magazine,London, UK