Plush Table

Object description and images of Plush Concrete table


COFFEE TABLE, by Noémi Kiss, 2016

…or side table or lounge eyecatcher piece: this witty table creates an illusion through the dichotomy of the hard and the soft and the heavy and the lightweight. The hard and heavy concrete sits on fluffy light plush-feet, which we would imagine to collapse under the concrete's weight.

MATERIALS: concrete table top with two cracks, metal, plush fabric
SIZE: L 180 x W 80 H 40 cm / L 70.86 x W 31.5 x H 15.74 in
WEIGHT: approx: 100kg UNIQUE PIECE


The artist and architect Noemi Kiss is a material fetishist and lets collide the grown with the made. She loads banal substances and materials that feels distant to art with a new meaning. Here the banal concrete building material meets plush fabric to create a powerful piece that immediately attracts attention and fires curiosity.