Serpent Table

Concrete panel inlaid with a serpent motiv made from an old salvaged oriental rug.



by Noemi Kiss

MATERIALS: concrete with rug intarsia. Salvaged oriental rug, cut.
SIZE: L 200 x W 80 x D 4 cm // L 78.7 x W 31.5 in WEIGHT: 120 kg /

This piece is part of Noémi Kiss`s investigation into profane materials, here concrete and old rugs. An abandoned and re-purposed old Persian rug is cut-out into the form of a serpent and inlaid into the concrete slab.
For interior usages and applications the concrete plane can be transformed into a table of any height, a wall panel, or it can be integrated into the floor as a floor piece becomign part of the floor. Please get in touch for bespoke art and interior applications. For a piece that should be easily moveable we suggest and recommend a structure on wheels. The artist can also work on commissions with other imagery.