SPIDERS I tapestry

Spider I tapestry - wallpiece by Noemi Kiss, overpainted old repurposed oriental style rug


SPIDERS I - tapestry - wall piece

by Noemi Kiss, Austria, 2014

MATERIALS: Overpainted oriental rug, white acrylic
SIZE: L 340 x H 240 cm // L 133.86 x H 94.49 in


Large oriental salvaged or repurposed rug, overpainted with white acrylic to become an impressive artpiece / tapestry, even if you don’t like spiders. The artist Kiss has concentrated in her oevre on out-of-use rugs, damaged rugs or the unwanted, where she applies her artistic interventions. She is a master in creating an impressive illusion, through overpainting or cutting the re-purposed persian rugs. Laborious woven or knotted by hand, oriental rugs tell stories, interwoven in the piece. The ornaments have strong meanings. A rug can be decorative furnishing, a symbol for paradise or a place holder for prayer. The artist uses this strong symbolism and marries it with interventions of her choice, like cutting, overpainting or gilding.
During its lifetime a rug is traded, bought, possibly resold, used over decades by various people in various locations….layering the piece with another history of its usage. Foot worn carpets are witnesses of their past. One cannot simply copy them. Wear and tear, this 'Design of Time' of the rug are the basis for the artwork. Here the aesthetics is to be understood as a state of art that cannot be produced intentionally. Such surfaces develop slowly and on their own - through human interaction and use. Noemi is a material fetishist and lets collide the grown with the made. She loads banal substances and materials that feels distant to art with a new meaning. The piece is an art-piece from a body of work, where the artist deliberately uses old, worn-out, sometimes damaged rugs.