Steel Ring 1

steel ring, direct carving, ring, sculptural jewelry / miniature sculpture by Jorge Yázpik, Mexico




miniature sculpture / sculptural jewellery

MATERIAL: Steel, direct carving
SIZE: H 3 x W 2,1 x D 2,1 cm / H 1.18 x W 0.82 x D 0.82 in

This is a direct carved stainless steel ring from a small body of work by the artist Jorge Yázpik, conveyed as sculptural jewellery, where Yázpik created pieces in the materials Glass, Jade, Steel, Silver and Wood. Jorge Yázpik is one of the most renowned and preeminent contemporary mexican artists (born Mexico City, 1955). He works in large and small scale abstract sculpture using various precious and semi-precious stones, such as Jade, Obsidian, Onyx, Marble, just to name a few. He incorporates a strong architectural design language within his oevre.

Yázpik was mentored by Mexican ‘Ruptura’ artist Manuel Felgurez, a pioneer in Mexican Geometrism. Yázpik explores the negative space and takes references to Pre-Columbian sculpture with a volumetric and spatial language. He carves into the material to create labyrinthine negative spaces, with precise geometric landscapes, contrasting the organic outer surfaces of the stones. He engages the viewer visually, tactually, spatially and architecturally. Most of his works stay untitled, the sculptures shall speak for themselves. Yázpik’s approaches stone materials with a high respect to their natural qualities, opportunities and limitations. Often Jade and Obsidian are presented in an unpolished glory, displaying their crystal appeal through carefully placed cuts. Every discourse with the material is approached in Yázpik’s own words, by “clearing the path”, making space for the accidental element.