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Luisa Restrepo, a glass artist and designer born in Colombia and now working in México. After concluding her studies in Medellin and later in Wolverhampton, England, she founded her studio, “El taller” in México City in 2005. Her work examines rhythm, pattern, proportion and excess. She moves from objects, to installations and performance and strives to use different mediums and means in the understanding of the material and how we transform it and relate to it. Supported by scholarships she has attended various workshops, taught at Pilchuck, Xaquixe amongst other places and has been part of the Northland’s and Wheaton’s residency programs. She has also won the first Colombian Glass Biennale and has shown both nationally and internationally.




Solo shows

2016    “De La Ciudad Al Cuerpo” Collaboration Maria Paula Vallejo, La Sierpe.

            Medellín, Colombia.

            “Ciudad Imaginada” Collaboration Diego Vides Borrell, Ángulo 0 Gallery.

            DF, Mexico.

           “SOPLO” Collaboration Diego Vides Borrell, Galería. eMe Gallery. Mex C.

2013    “A través del exceso” Medellín 174 Gallery. DF, Mexico.

            “Lo ambiguo reside en la forma” Gorilla Gallery. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2009    “La bombonera” Performance. La Perrera. Oaxaca, Mexico.

  “Vidrio y papel” Biblioteca Henestrosa. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2007    “Falsa Calma” Yam Gallery. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

2005    “Historias del tiempo” Yam Gallery. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

            “Piel” El Nigromante, Bellas Artes. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Selected Collective shows

2019    “Circuito” ZONA MACO / Angulo 0 Gallery. CDMX, Mexico.

            “Coriolis” ZONA MACO / Estudio Cerisola. CDMX, Mexico.

2018    “Mexico Design Time” Not arbitrary & Pico de botella, jewelry collection, Marion Friedman Gallery. London, UK.

            “Open Ends” Summer group shpw, Angulo 0 Gallery. CDMX, Mexico

2017    “Arte / Sano” Topografías, jewelry collection, Collaboration Paulina Rodete, MAP: Museum of Popular Art. DF, Mexico.

            “Tangencias” Angulo 0 Gallery. DF, Mexico

            “Ciudad Imaginada” ZONA MACO / Angulo 0 Gallery. DF, Mexico.

2016    “Ciudad Imaginada” Abierto de Diseño Mexicano / MUNAL: National Art Museum. DF, Mexico.

            “Gorilla Gallery Restrospective” Biblioteca Henestrosa. Oaxaca, Mexico.

            “Proporción del exceso” Design Week / Design House. DF, Mexico.

            “Diseño en Proceso” Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura Museum. DF, Mexico.

             “1er concurso Latinoamericano de Joyería” La Miscelánea. Puebla, Mexico.

             “De La Ciudad Al Cuerpo” ZONA MACO / CENTRO. DF, Mexico.

2015    “Emanation: Art and Process” Hedone Gallery. NJ, USA.

             “Mirror Mirror” ZONA MACO / CENTRO. DF, Mexico.

2014    “Diseño contenido” Design Week. DF, Mexico

             “Design Convergence” NODO Design / ICFF. NYC, USA.

             “Pico de Botella” CENTRO / ZONA MACO. DF Mexico

  2013    “Convarsations with Paul Marioni” Banquete Salomé. Oaxaca, Mexico

  2012    “Vidrio y cerámica” Gorilla Gallery. Oaxaca, Mexico.

    “Emerge 2012” Connect Gallery. Portland, US.

  2011     “Bodyworks” Connect Gallery. Portland, US.

              “Mujeres trabajando” Galería Medellín. DF, Mexico.

              “Duelo” (performance) Galería Metropolitana. DF, Mexico.

              “Latin Crew” Far4. Seattle, US.

              “Latin America Glass Art” Joseph Gross Gallery. Austin, US.

  2010    “Carne” Museo SHCP. DF, Mexico.

              “Silica (performance).” Xaquixe Studio. Oaxaca, Mexico.

              “Snake Oil Inc (performance).” ExTeresa Arte Actual. DF, Mexico.

              “Vitreous North” Timespan Museum and Art Centre. Sutherland, UK.

2009      “Corpus Aeternum” C.F. Manuel álvarez Bravo. Oaxaca, Mexico.

              “Membrana Interrumpida (body art)” Penland Craft School. Ashville, US.

2008      “Misterio de la Luz” Jesús Gallardo Gallery. León, Mexico.

2007      “El maíz es nuestra vida” Natural history Museum. DF, Mexico.

               “Nacionalidad Restringida” TEG. DF, Mexico.

              “El Misterio de la Luz” Museo de Artes Populares. DF, Mexico.

              “Young Glass 2007” Glasmuseet Ebeltoft. Ebeltoft, Denmarc.

2006      “Glass Biennale” Glass Museum. Monterrey, Mexico.

              “Reflections” Royal Museum. Edimburg, Scotland.

              “New Glass” Susan Megson Gallery. New York City, US.

            “Italy meets Mexico” Salt of the earth Gallery. St. Louis, US.

            “Residents of NorthLands” Lybster Gallery. Lybster, Scotland.

            “Skin” Marx Saunders Gallery. Chicago, US.

2005    “Arpegio de Miradas” Congress building. Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2004    “Espacios, Luz y Reflejos” Colegio de Arquitectos. DF, Mexico.